Christianity and Addiction

christianity and addictionAs Christians, often we think being born again means we are going to be above the snares and pitfalls that this world puts in front of us. But those of us who are wise know this is not the case. Our better nature belongs to Christ but our sinful nature belongs to the world, and sometimes we give in to our sinful nature and let it control us. God asks obedience of us not so that he can be impressed with us, but so that we can be better off as we follow his judgement.

If you find yourself afflicted with something like addiction, the best choice you can make for yourself is to end the addiction by any means necessary, even if it means utilizing the services of Christian recovery centers. Addiction is the ultimate means of being controlled by our sinful nature. What began as a choice to occasionally indulge in something pleasureful grew into a sinful hunger that you can no longer control. If you are unable to give God control of your addiction, it is controlling you.

The bible tells us why this is so harmful to us. God is the only thing in existence that we are meant to crave, love and seek without limitation. He is the only thing that can fulfill us the way we need and want to be fulfilled, and drawing closer to him will only serve to make us more complete. This was not accidental in our creation; it was our design. Yet because this world separates us from God, we become distracted from him, and we begin to seek completion and fulfillment in things other than God. This can only end badly for us. Because we were designed to worship and seek after God, when we apply this devotion to false idols, our worship of them becomes toxic to our bodies, minds and souls. If we are too weak to separate from the worship of our false idols, they can destroy or even end our lives.

The love of God the Father and Christ His Son are things that we were created to worship and adore. They are the only things that can sustain us through this life, while false idols take life and freedom from us. If you are suffering from addiction, you should know that God promises you freedom from worldly temptations. Do not hesitate for a moment to seek help and rid your life of your addiction. Seek the help of Christian rehabilitation and welcome Christ into your heart as the grip of addiction leaves it. If you do, your life will change for the better so radically that you will not even be able to comprehend it. “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7

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